4 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Posts

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As a business owner, creating high-quality blog posts should be a part of your content marketing strategy. That means you or your marketing team may have a long list of blog post ideas set up in a great and easy excel sheet that keeps growing and growing.

But even though making valuable written content is the golden rule for gaining more traffic to your site, you may not be getting the most out of your marketing strategy that you could be getting.

Don’t spend all of your time slaving away at your word document writing article after article.

If you want to gain more curious visitors and turn them into loyal customers, then there is still one trick that you can use to get the most out of your blog posts — repurposing your content.

What is Content Repurposing?

Repurposing content is a way to write less while promoting your website and business.

This is the act of taking a specific blog article, social media post, or video and changing it to fit into another digital channel.

For example, one could take a blog post about the 10 best CRM tools for marketing teams and then rearranging it to create a 10-minute video on YouTube. This method of content creation is valuable for any content marketing strategy.

You may either be getting some visitors to your site or aren’t getting as much as you know you should. Then if that’s the case, content repurposing is the answer to this problem. The concept is quite easy to implement, and yet many business owners can’t see the importance of how it can help their business.

Benefits of Repurposing Content

While many marketers may believe that dealing with “old” content is counterintuitive to creating fresh content for their audience and ranking on Google, it’s actually the opposite.

In fact, repurposing content will only help with ranking on Google even more. Neil Patel stated that if you repurpose the right content, you will probably see both your content close to the top of the search engine page.

Not only that, but repurposing content will help you reach new corners for your audience that you never reached before. While some of your audience read blog posts, others may prefer watching a YouTube video, listening to podcasts, or looking at infographics on Pinterest. As you keep creating content and redistributing your blog posts throughout different channels, you may catch the eyes of more people from other websites, giving you a chance of getting more customers.

By taking your content and knowledge and putting it out to as many channels as possible, you will get more people’s attention, turning them into quality leads for your sales funnel.

Different Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Now that you know why it’s great to repurpose your content, let’s talk about different ways to repurpose your blog posts and articles.

Of course, I already told you about making a blog post into a video script for YouTube, but what if you want more unique or creative ways to repurpose your content?

Well, there are plenty of methods that you probably haven’t thought of yet, so here are some creative ways that you can repurpose.

Create templates and PDFs

While writing a blog post or a video is a common way to put out content, try creating a free template or PDF that your audience can download.

You can simply do this by simply taking a guide or a how-to article. Make chapters or pages that focus on each point you have already made in the blog post. Better yet, add more points to the existing ones and go in-depth with each one.

If your blog post covers actionable steps, such as creating a buyer persona or a planner for their business, then make a template that encourages them to fill things out. This immediately gives your audience valuable content that will get them closer to their related goals.

Start a series on social media

When you think about social media, you probably haven’t realized that you can do so much more than posting a few sentences for promotional content and going ahead with your day. But with how social media has updated and improved its methods of engagement between brands and followers, you can use your repurposed articles in various ways.

One method is to make a social series. It can be in text or video forms. Either way, get a little creative. For example, you can take your articles' ideas and post a daily or weekly lesson in a video format.

You can also take a listicle that you’ve done recently and make it into a daily text or short video series touching on each point for your audience. TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be great platforms for this type of repurposed content.

Choose which one your audience engages with the most and start from there.

Put together a short course

Educational courses are the best.

And I’m not just saying that because I love learning.

Not only can you repurpose your blog content into a course, but you can also profit from it by charging for the product if you’d like.

Repurpose your blog posts by creating a course that takes multiple articles and creates an in-depth lesson out of each article. Of course, make sure that these articles are relevant and actionable for a reliable and coherent course.

Don’t want to spend the time trying to figure out how to create a course from scratch? If you want an easier and less time-consuming method, I suggest making an email series instead. You can give your audience who signs up the same amount of information and resources, which will create customer loyalty.

Post on Reddit or Quora

Some marketers may not recommend dealing with Reddit and Quora to market your business, but I would disagree to an extent.

While it may not be the best social platform that will get your profile to thousands of followers, if you have done your research and know that you have a significant audience in these spaces, I would suggest trying out repurposing your articles on these sites. All you have to do is take an article and create a post on either website.

If you have an article about video creation for eCommerce businesses, elaborate on it with your post. The point of this method is to create a more engaging topic while potentially having a deeper conversation with your audience on these websites that you wouldn’t have on another networking site.

Since these platforms encourage discussions and opinions, you can interact with your target audience and get to know them better.

Additional tips:

The list that I wrote is pretty diverse with how and where you can repurpose your blog articles to reach a bigger audience. But there are still some important things you have to realize before using these methods in your content marketing strategy.

Here are a few things to know before you repurpose your blog posts.

Know where your audience hangs out

Where you repurpose your content will depend on who your target audience is.

· Do they hang out on some of these platforms?

· Or do they prefer to read or watch videos more?

You must also know how you’ll present the repurposed content best to them.

If you know your audience already, you will have some idea of what type of content you can best repurpose. Suppose your audience doesn’t mind reading, but you’ve found that they don’t like downloading PDFs. Then maybe you should choose a written form in this list that will best suit their likes.

If you know nothing about your audience, take some time to get to know them, research them, and know where they hang out on the web.

Use original and updated content

When repurposing content, realize that you can’t just take information from just any article.

If you make a new social media post repurposing a blog post about 2019 trends in your industry, it will be awfully outdated and get ignored by your audience.

Don’t let this happen.

Only take from the content that is evergreen. Well, what does that mean?

Evergreen content is content and information that is always relevant or easily updated. “10 types of posts you can make on Instagram” is evergreen content. “TikTok’s active users in the first quarter of 2020” is not evergreen and will become irrelevant as more time goes on.

Ensure that you’re using blog posts with information that users will use far into the future.

Your Turn

Repurposed blog posts are a perfect solution to promoting your older articles by creating more valuable information for your audience.

There are so many types of mediums that you could make consistent content for weeks. This will provide you with an online presence, give your audience high-quality information, and keep you from taking old headlines from your competitor’s blogs.

If you understand your audience — and their likes and dislikes — then you’ll be able to choose the best method of repurposing blog posts and articles that’s best for them.



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