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As a business owner, creating high-quality blog posts should be a part of your content marketing strategy. That means you or your marketing team may have a long list of blog post ideas set up in a great and easy excel sheet that keeps growing and growing.

But even though making valuable written content is the golden rule for gaining more traffic to your site, you may not be getting the most out of your marketing strategy that you could be getting.

Don’t spend all of your time slaving away at your word document writing article after article.

If you…

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Have you ever heard that Pinterest is dead for marketing a business? Or have you heard that using the platform for your business is useless? It seems like the popular sentiment these days as more and more people are looking towards platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok to promote their online shop or blog.

But I can tell you that these opinions are not entirely true.

Pinterest is actually great for marketing your business. …

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Getting your website to rank can be the most frustrating thing for a business to achieve. Every time we ask this question, the primary answer that keeps coming back is to “just create content.”

Great! Sounds easy!

Just look at the competition, go to their blog, take some headlines, and BOOM! You have a long list of SEO articles for your business blog.

But eventually, you realize your goals aren’t getting hit no matter how much your posting. That’s because Google is not letting this kind of content slide anymore. …

Have you ever looked at another writer’s blog and wondered how they could write so many articles in a day?

I used to be someone who took a whole week to research, write, and edit just two posts! And at the same time, so many others were pumping out content like a candy factory.

I realized that if I wanted to write as much as possible, I had to take some advice from health and wellness articles to get on their level.

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Strength training was one topic that interested me. Even if you’re not trying to learn how to run…

Ever since the pandemic hit and more students had to study from home, the rise of the “Study with Me” YouTube channels have taken over the study forums. What is this content? Study channels are when a YouTube creator live streams themselves studying for hours on end. The streams usually average 10 hours and can sometimes be accompanied by background ASMR type sounds such as typing, a fireplace crackle, or rain. These channels may sound strange at first, but it is content that has helped me build my writing routine and saved me repeatedly when I’m overwhelmed by my workload.

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When I started my English and Literature degree in college, I didn’t expect to get that much out from it other than learning how to write a decent essay. But with the workload that I acquired, learning how to write persuasive essays was not the only skill I took with me as a blogger.

Here are some of the lessons I learned during my years as a literature student that will also help you build your writing habits as a new writer.

Making a daily writing structure is key.

I would have never gotten anywhere if it were not for…

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A few years ago, I was talking to my career counselor at my university. I was at a point where I was trying to figure out the answer to the question that almost every English Language and Literature major was asking — what can I really do with my life?

I remember the advisor listening to my discouraged babble about not being sure if I wanted to be an editor or just an author. So, after a few moments, she merely suggested that I should open a blog and see where it goes.

I said “great!” and immediately opened a…

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